A Multipotentialite´s Life

The Multipotentialite - Polymath - Serial Entrepreneur

What do Einstein and Galileo Galileo have in common with Tanja?

We are Multipotentialites and Multipotentialites  have superpowers: 

  • We are on super speed when we are learning something new.  
  • We spend most of our lives at the intersection of 2 topics where we create something new.  
  • We are extremely adaptable and indulge into several topics in our life. 

I am a serial entrepreneur specialised in designing frameworks and sustainable systems:  I have written books, I coach women and I can design your website.

Come and meet me at my intersection: I love Swing dancing.. Dance with me or let me help you design your website. 

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Using my superpowers for you

Personal Development

Take charge of your life and become the woman you are supposed to be!

Coaching for women

the journalist

E-Books, Blog articles, Reports. I specialise in personal development, travel and swing dancing.

Website and Brand Design

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur and you are struggling to go online? It´s easier than you thought!

Only the designer sets the boundaries!