A Multipotentialite´s Life

The Multipotentialite - Polymath - Serial Entrepreneur

What do Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci have in common with Tanja?

We are Multipotentialites and Multipotentialites  have superpowers!

  • We are on super speed when we are learning something new.  
  • We spend most of our lives at the intersection of 2 topics where we create something new.  
  • We are extremely adaptable and indulge into several topics in our life. 

I am a serial entrepreneur specialized in designing frameworks and sustainable systems:  I have written books, I coach women and I can help you design your online and offline life.

Come and meet me at one of my intersections: I love Swing dancing, blogging, travelling and entrepreneurship. Dance with me.

The Multipotentialites daily life

Using my superpowers for you

The world needs your gifts!

Do you have your own business or are thinking of starting it? But the constant change of interests blocks you?

Take advantage of my experiences!

Personal Development

.. and money are central topics for me. It is said: The more you educate yourself the more you will earn. But this doesn’t really translate as a multipotentialite right?

After 9 years of diving into personal development I am ready to point out the path for you.

Take charge of your life and be the wealthy woman you are supposed to be!

Only the designer sets the boundaries!